Friends of St. Malo Park

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St Malo Park (FOSMP) are a board dedicated to building an inclusive and exciting atmosphere within the St Malo Provincial Park. We achieve this by setting goals each year and fundraising through programming and events year round within the whole community. Each year we achieve our goals with the help of Provincial Park Specialists. The invaluable support we receive through Manitoba Parks and Manitoba Sustainable Development is instrumental to our success. This year we have composed an ambitious proposal, The St Malo PARC Project, committing to a three-phase plan to increase the accessibility of our park, specifically beginning with South Shores Beach. It is important to us that we acknowledge people with mobility, intellectual and sensory challenges as per the Manitoba Accessibility Act and ensure that our programming and goals are inclusive. We have worked hard thus far to create fun programs and events to attract visitors to our park and community, and we hope our plan will increase such progress as we open up accessibility to all. This is the first time FOSMP has taken on a project of this magnitude and we hope to inspire other Friends of the Park boards both provincially and nationally to aim high and follow our lead. Please go to our Facebook page like us and follow us for updates while our website is being updated.